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FAQs – Zeke’s Answers to All Your VT100 Questions

We get A LOT of questions from our participants every year. So, we’ve rounded up your FAQs and Zeke’s taken the time to answer each. There’s a ton of information here, but we promise it’s worth it. Enjoy! This post is broken up into 11 sections.…

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Drop Bag Instructions for Your VT100

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers! So let’s jump into some VT100 drop bag instructions. Here’s What You NEED to Know About Drop Bags at the VT100  We cover basic drop bag instructions, which aid stations drop bags can be sent to, an FAQ you…

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Volunteering at the VT100 – What To Know

Welcome to the VT100 blog post that covers most everything you’d need to know about volunteering at the VT100 – from the duties and perks available, to what to download to be prepared, and even a little bit on our volunteer recognition awards Oh, and…

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Gas. Food. Ice – Where to Buy It Along the VT100 Race Route

Crews listen up especially: You’re gonna need gas. You’re gonna get hungry. You’re gonna want to cool some things off. So we’re here to help you! Find the best spots along the VT100 race route to locate fuel, food, and ice. Read more about each…

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Your Race Weekend Checklist

There’s so much to do, know, and get ready for when it comes to arriving at Silver Hill on race day with a clear mind and ready to race. So, we want to arm you with a quick VT100 weekend checklist in hopes it’ll help you…

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New for 2017: Athletes with Disability – Divisions & Rules

We are so excited to deepen our commitment to adaptive sports and proud to announce that the 2017 VT100 will be the first trail ultra ever to recognize mobility and visually impaired athletes in their own division: Athletes With Disabilities (AWD).  This post will cover *everything…

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5 Questions with Kyle Robidoux – A 2017 AWD Participant

The 2017 Vermont 100 will be the first ultra ever to formally recognize Athletes With Disabilities with an awards division for ultra runners with visual or mobility impairments, and we’re so proud to bring you this interview with Kyle Robidoux in anticipation. Kyle Robidoux: A 5-question…

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The 4 Best VT100 Spectator Spots

Want to cheer on the runners, but didn’t get asked to crew one? We’ll you’re in luck. Here are the best VT100 spectator spots.  But First – The Rules Please note: Spectators Only! We mean it, these suggestions are only for spectators only – NOT crews or pacers,…

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Amazing Interview with 2017 AWD Participant Jason Romero

As the first ultra ever to formally recognize Athletes With Disabilities in their own division, the 2017 VT100 race crew is proud to bring you this interview with upcoming AWD participant Jason Romero. Jason Romero: His Story and the 9-question interview Jason’s Story Jason Romero…

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VT Adaptive Ski & Sport Headquarters
Attention: Amy Rusiecki
PO Box 139 Killington, VT 05751
Call: 1-802-786-4991

VT100 Endurance Race Start/Finish/Registration
Directions to Silver Hill Meadow – Google Doc
Directions to Silver Hill Meadow – Google Map