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26th Annual
Vermont 100 Endurance Race

TRAIL DESCRIPTION - The course starts and finishes at Silver Hill Meadow. It is a "shamrock" loop, consisting of 70% dirt or jeep roads with the rest on woods trails (there are a couple miles of pavement). The course both climbs and descends 14000 - 15000 feet. The normal temperature in Vermont in July is 80-85 during the day and 55-65 at night (but anything can happen).

Silver Hill Meadow - Silver Hill Meadow is part of an old family farm located in the hills above Brownsville VT. The VT 100 was very fortunate to be invited to use this area for the VT 100 starting in 2004. Parking and all other signs must be carefully observed.  Please do not litter there. No dogs are allowed at Silver Hill Meadow, except service animals, which should be marked as such. A limited number of campsites are available from Friday morning to Monday noon.

MAPS - Maps for runners and crews will be will be available at check-in on Friday.


Friday, July 18th, 2014

Camping at Silver Hill Meadow opens. Portable toilets will be available.

PRE-RACE CHECK IN from 9:30 to 3:45 - all runners must submit to a physical exam which will involve checking vital signs and weight in running gear. This is not a complete physical. Runners must show evidence of adequate training and be knowledgeable about stress factors of prolonged exercise in adverse conditions.

RUNNERS AND CREW BRIEFING MEETING at 4 PM - Attendance at this meeting is required for all runners, handlers and pacers. We will review trail conditions, aid and medical station locations and procedures and any special situations. This is the time to get your questions answered.

PASTA DINNER - Served in the main tent at Silver Hill Meadow at 5:30 PM

Saturday, July 19th 2014

100 Mile runners must check in with timers between 3 and 3:45 AM.
100 Mile RUNNER START  - 4AM

100 K runners must check in with timers between  8 and 8:45 AM.

Sunday, July 20th 2014 - 10 AM course closes

100 K course closes - 5:00 A.M.

100 Mile course closes - 10:00 A.M.

BBQ Served at 10:30 AM at Silver Hill Meadow

Awards Ceremony - At Silver Hill Meadow, starts at 12 noon.

  • All 100 mile runners finishing in less than 24 hours will receive a VT 100 belt buckle.
  • All 100 Mile finisher between 24 and 30 hours will receive a plaque.
  • All 100 K runners finishing under the 20 hour limit will receive an engraved award.


General Race Rules and Information

  1. Runner numbers must be worn on the front and outside of whatever clothes you are wearing. If we cannot see your number we cannot score you at the aid stations. It is the responsibility of the individual runner to make sure that your number has been noted and you have been checked in at all manned aid stations.
  3. Any runner dropping out must immediately notify appropriate race personnel at an aid station or the finish line .                                               
  4. Cutoff times at Medical Stations are non-negotiable.
  5. All runners will abide by the directions of Medical personnel.
  6. Runners who get lost during the race must return, without assistance from others, to the spot where they left the trail to continue.
  7. Any runner accepting a ride for any reason is deemed out of the race.
  8. No aid is allowed from a vehicle. Crews must be outside the vehicle and at an acceptable location when assisting a runner.  This includes pacing a runner from a vehicle.
  9. No aid or assistance is allowed other than at designated handler access stations. Race officials have the right to disqualify any runner who does not abide by this rule. Handlers take note!
  10. No vehicle shall follow a runner at night, assisting with headlights.
  11. No "muling" (pacers carrying runners gear.)
  12. Pets are not allowed at aid stations or Silver Hill Meadow, except service animals, which should be marked as such.
  13. The use of headphones or personal speakers (ipods, mp3 players, walkmans, radios, etc) is prohibited. Their use presents a major safety hazard and can result in disqualification.
  14. We discourage the use of "trekking poles". Their use will result in disqualification only if race officials deem such use to be hazardous.
  15. Violating any rule will be grounds for disqualification. Race management reserves the right to bar any runner from competing in this or any future Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race.


All parking signs must be followed. No parking is allowed in driveways or in the road at Silver Hill Meadow. All parking at handler access stations must be out of traffic and must not block roads or driveways. Handlers must follow directions of aid station personnel.

No pacer parking is allowed at Camp 10 Bear. A shuttle will be provided from Silver Hill Meadow.



The trail is marked with yellow plastic plates with black arrows. There are smaller plates marked with a 'C' to indicate the course between the larger arrow plates. Lime is used on the road to mark certain intersections. Glow sticks are used to mark the trail at night. Unfortunately, vandalism does occur - we have crews checking during the night but be cautious. 

Running the trail

While running the trail runners are allowed to set their own pace as long as they re out of the following check points by the times noted.



Cutoff Time


Stage Road

1:00 p.m.


Camp 10 Bear

6:10 p.m.



10:45 p.m.


Camp 10 Bear

1:00 a.m.



6:45 a.m.

Medical Check Point Requirements

At mandatory medical checkpoints (#s 14, 21, 26) every runner must be weighed before hydrating. Weight loss of 6% (of check in weight) will result in a warning and the runner will be observed before continuing. Weight loss of 7% will result in disqualification.

Drop Bags

Extra supplies may be left at check-in on Friday before 6 PM for delivery to the following aid stations: #5, 7, 14, 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, and 28.  Supplies must be in a durable, soft sided, clearly marked bag with the runners bib number and station to be delivered to. Bags can not contain glass of any kind and large, hard sided totes or bins will not be accepted.  Most drop bags will be returned to the finish line by noon on Sunday . THE VT 100 IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN OR FORGOTTEN ARTICLES. ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE FOR RETURN OF ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP ON SUNDAY.


Above all please have a safe 100 miles.

Enjoy the beautiful sight and sounds of Vermont.

Please remember to thank the volunteers.
They make this all possible.

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