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July 19-20, 2014 

Handler Guidelines

There are 9 locations at which you will be able to meet your 100 Mile runners along the course. The last 7 are where support crews can meet their 100K runners.


In your runners packet there will be a Handler Vehicle Identification Tag which must be used at all times. Cars on the course must be kept to a minimum so you need to follow the handler directions between authorized stations. Please don't try to shortcut using your GPS; there are very bad, impassable roads that your device won't know about. At a few particularly tricky locations there will be supplementary signage to get you to the aid station. Please do not park on lawns or in driveways. The future of the race is dependent upon the people whose properties we run through so BE CONSIDERATE, BE FRIENDLY AND HAVE FUN.

Handlers are not allowed to park anywhere other than locations posted and allowed by race management

FOLLOW ALL POSTED SPEED LIMITS. In some locations it is 25 or 30 mph. The local police know 'visitors' are in town and you are easy money for the local community coffers.

Be aware that there are also horses running the course, so drive slowly in their presence. If the roads are dusty, slower speed means less dust that runners, horses and riders have to breathe.

NO LITTERING!! Historically it's the handlers who are the biggest offenders. Take it, don't leave it!

Dogs are not allowed at Silver Hill Meadow or at any of the Handler Access Aid Stations.

If your runner drops from the race, THE RUNNER OR CREW MUST NOTIFY RACE PERSONNEL AT ONCE .  In the past, many man-hours have been spent searching for 'lost' runners who were not lost.

(Note: In order to follow these directions more easily, I suggest you keep resetting your trip odometer for each segment. I also suggest, right now, crossing out directions that do not apply to you (depending on which race you are supporting.)

I also strongly suggest that handlers carry a good flashlight in order to help spot road signs along the route, and a headlamp for reading these directions in the dark and for walking to and from aid stations in the dark.



FIRST HANDLER STATION    Please plan on arriving no more than 30 minutes before your runner, or the station gets dangerously overcrowded.

Plan on catching your runner in Woodstock on your way up to Pretty House Aid Station. Their one-mile journey through the center of town is from the 13 to 14 mile points. Only moral support; no crewing please. Park in the public lot off of Pleasant St. or at Mac's Market on Rte. 4. They'll be open at 7:00 a.m. where you can get coffee and baked goods.  If parking is tight, please don't jam up their lot. There are spaces all around the perimeter of the Town Green, a 3 min. walk away, and meters don't need to be fed before 10 a.m.  The runners have 8 miles to go to Pretty House, and it won't take you more than 22 min. to get there.  Again, DON'T ARRIVE TOO EARLY AT PRETTY HOUSE!

In no case should crews arrive prior to the 6:45 a.m. station opening; this only interferes with the volunteers who are setting it up.  A runner on a 15 hour pace wouldn't arrive until about 7:15. 

#5. Pretty House - Drive up Silver Hill, away from the runners, bearing right onto Bryant Rd.  Go 1.1 miles on Bryant to Rush Meadow Rd.  Reset your odometer. Turn right and go 2 miles, where it becomes Morgan Hill Rd.  Keep going straight, past the 'T' junction with Reeves Rd. Reset   Go another 1.6 miles, up and over Morgan Hill, to the stop sign at Route 106.  To go North on 106 you keep going straight at the intersection. Reset. Drive 5.2 miles to Woodstock. Watch for the 25 mph sign when you get close to town.  Turn right where 106 T's with Route 4.  Proceed 0.1 miles and turn left onto Route 12 North. Reset.  This is where you'll see runners and horses if you're here before 9:00 a.m.. Follow Route 12 for 1.1 miles and bear right onto Pomfret Rd. at VT. Country Real Estate (Sign says Suicide Six Ski Area and So. Pomfret). Reset. After 2.0 miles bear right at the Teago Country Store to stay on Pomfret Rd.  Reset.  After 2.4 mi. there's an old snowplow blade on the left and you're starting up a long hill. At 3.1 miles you pass a little town hall, you have just over a half mile to go, and there will be runners on the road. At 3.4 mi. you pass Johnson Rd. on the left and have just 0.3 more to your turn. It's a sharp right onto Galaxy Hill Rd., Just in case that sign is missing (it gets stolen often), you'll see our aid station sign just before the turn. Go up 0.6 miles to the top of the hill.  Start curving right and down, looking out for runners and horses coming from a road on the left. Parking will be in the driveway and field down on your right.  Note: This is a change from past years when you could drive farther down the road and park on the edge of the road on the left. New Landowner. Do not park there! (Approx. total driving time 42 minutes)

#7. Stage Road Do not turn around and retrace.   Drive down the hill where your runner is headed.  Be very careful not to hinder the runners as you follow the winding road back down to Pomfret Road where runners turn right and you turn left. Reset.  (3.0 miles on Pomfret Road) to South Pomfret (near the Teago Store). Go to the rt. of the store on Library Rd. and turn rt. onto Stage Rd.  Reset. You'll see Suicide 6 ski area at 0.2 mi. and at 1.5 mi. a couple of dilapidated barns on the left and then the aid station is at 1.65 mi. on the right.  Be careful because runners will be on the road coming at you and crossing at those barns.   (Approx. driving time 18 minutes)

#14. Camp Ten Bear (1st time) - Follow Stage Rd. back to the Teago Store again. Bear right and follow Pomfret Rd. 2 mi. back to Route 12. Turn left and follow Rte. 12 the 1.1 miles back into Woodstock. (Watch the 25 mph zone) Turn right at Route 4 and go of the way around the oval Green. Reset. Turn right on Route 106 South. (Sign is obscured by a tree)  Slow down or you'll get a ticket.  The next station is 9.4 mi. away.  At 4.7 mi. curve left past So. Woodstock Country Store (great lunches). (Another speed zone of 30 mph.) At 5.2 you're passing the Fire Station and Morgan Hill Rd. Keep going around the curve to the right.  At 6.1 mi. there are runners in the road for the next mile. At 8.2 mi pass Caper Hill Rd. on lt., piled logs on rt. and starting downhill. At 9.1 mi. guardrail starts on your right. Make right turn in 0.2 mi. (9.3 mi. total) at first break in the guardrail, onto Whitmore Circle.  Curve around left past Jenneville Rd. The Aid Station is another 1/10 ahead. This is ONE WAY traffic and park only where not posted.
(Approx. driving time 35 minutes)


From here on all crews use the same directions for the duration.  

#18. Seven Sees (New in 2013) Continue through to the end of Whitmore Circle, reset your odometer and turn right onto 106 South. ( 8.0 mi. to next turn. ) At 2.8 pass Rte. 44 intersection going straight on 106. ** At 3.4 enter Reading. At 3.9 pass Shaugnessy's Reading Country Store (you'll be coming back to this location). At 5.1 enter Weathersfield.  At 6.9 pass a truly ugly lavender-colored house.  At 8.0 mi. at the flashing yellow light at Downers Country Store and Citgo, turn right onto Route 131 West. Reset. At 1.2 mi. enter Cavendish.  Follow the Black River and at 4.0 there's a bridge across the river, to the left, but keep going straight and at 5.7 miles turn right at Williams's Country Store onto Whitesville Rd. Reset. After 0.3 miles, turn right onto Center Rd. which is gravel. Continue along Center Rd., passing Davis Rd., and at 1.1 miles turn left onto Town Farm Rd.  Drive up the road 2 miles to the Aid Station (Approx. driving time 40 minutes).

Note: Don't linger here at Seven Sees, because your runner has only 3.4 miles to Margaritaville Aid Station, and you have 17 to drive. You might therefore consider skipping Margaritaville, because it's only a total of 11.4 more miles until your runner will be back at Ten Bear. In this case simply follow the Margaritaville instructions below, but after you get onto Route 106, (** ) drive the full 8.1 miles back to Ten Bear. (Approx. driving time 40 minutes).


#19. Margaritaville Turn around and retraceReset. Drive the 2 miles down Town Farm, right onto Center Rd. 1.1 mi. back to left on Whitesville. 3/10 to Route 131 and turn left Now back 5.7 miles to Route 106 at the flashing red light at Downers Corner.  Reset. Turn left onto 106 North.  Go 4.1 mi. to a left onto Tyson Rd., immediately before Shaughnessy's Country Store (also good eats). Reset. Follow Tyson Rd. up for 3.8 mi. (Pass the 1834 stone house at 3.4), then uphill until you come to Puckerbrush Rd.  Turn left and parking is in the field 100 yds. down on the rt.. Watch for runners coming at you. (Approx. driving time 38 minutes).


#21. Camp Ten Bear Go back down Tyson Rd. to Route 106 and turn left (North). Reset. Drive 4.0 miles to the farther (2nd) entrance into Whitmore Circle (you've been here before) and aid station  #21. (Approx. driving time 20 minutes)


#23. Spirit-of-'76 Drive straight ahead back out to Rte. 106.  Reset. Turn left onto 106 North, up the long hill and down the other side, passing Noah Wood Rd. on the left at 3.2 mi.  Go slowly thru the curve by the horse show grounds and at 4.4 mi. turn sharp right at the So. Woodstock Fire Station onto Morgan Hill Rd.  (You've been here before too). Reset.  Go up Morgan Hill, crossing Calendar Hill Rd & Loop Rd. and runners at 0.8 mi.  Down the far side of the hill at 1.6 mi. intersect with Reeves Rd., which goes off to the left. Reset. Read carefully:  Go straight for 1/10 mi. to the start of Rush Meadow Rd., where Jaquith Rd. bears off to the right. Stay on Rush Meadow curving left, going up for 0.2 mi. You've already passed a cluster of 4 buildings on your left followed by a gap with no houses. Look for a sign on a tree on the left saying "Spirit-of-'76 Aid Station". It will be illuminated after dark. Enter the driveway, which goes left, between two tall skinny natural rock pillars stuck in the ground.   Drive in about 200 yards, passing a white farmhouse on the left and entering a grassy parking area next to a gray horse barn on the right. From here it's a 12 min. walk 2/10 mi. down between pasture fences to the Aid Station at the bottom of the hill. (Approx. driving plus walking time 32 minutes)


#26. Bill's - Go back out the way you entered, (Reset) right on Rush Meadow and after 0.3 miles right onto Reeves Rd. Reset. Drive 1.7 miles to the intersection with Jenneville Road.  Reset. Turn left onto Jenneville and drive 2.9 miles to the paved Brownsville-Hartland Rd.  Reset. Turn right (South) and go 5.3 miles to Route 44.  (When you pass Sheddsville Rd. you have 1 more mile to your turn) Turn left (East) on Route 44.  Drive 2.2 miles, then turn left onto Estey Lane, just after the Sitzmark Ski Shop. Drive 1/2 mi., turning left onto Brook Rd. Drive only 1/10 mi. turning right onto Hewett Rd, going 1.5 miles up to the end. (Caution, mile up Hewett runners will be entering from a small road on the left and then going up the rest of the way with you. At the top you turn left onto Hunt Rd., while the runners turn right. Reset. The 0.7 miles to Stillson Rd. climbs and winds and runners will also be on a short portion of it. Turn left down Stillson and look for the parking area in a field on the right.  Walk the rest of the way down the hill to the aid station, which is in the barn to the right. (Approx. driving time 35 minutes).


#28. Polly's - Return the way you entered, going up Stillson, right on Hunt, then right and down on Hewett (watch for runners) Left on Brook, right on Estey, right on Route 44 and 2.2 miles back to right onto the Brownsville-Hartland Rd. North. Reset your odometer.  After 1.6 miles PASS Hammond Hill Rd. on your right, for the first time. You'll be coming back out of here later. At 3.7 miles you'll pass Morrison Rd. on the left.  Go 0.1 more miles and now turn sharp right onto Hammond Hill Rd. Go mile up the hill to the Aid Station, parking in the designated area Do not park near the station or the barn, even for a quick drop-off. (Approx. driving time 25 minutes).


FINISH/Silver Hill Meadow Retrace the way you came in. Drive back down to the Brownsville-Hartland Rd. Reset. Turn right (North) and go 1.5 miles to a sharp, hidden LEFT turn onto Jenneville Rd. (You're getting close when you see Best Rd., which is mile before J-ville). The VT-100 Race sign should still be there at Jenneville. Reset. Drive 2.9 miles to the 'T' intersection, turning left onto Silver Hill Rd. Go 0.6 miles up to the Start/Finish Area at Silver Hill Meadow. Park in a designated area. (Approx. driving time 15 minutes).


Congratulations, you have just driven over 115 miles in support of your 100 mile runner, or 78 miles in support of your 100K runner. They
sincerely appreciate your dedicated assistance. 

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