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Medical Checks

Information and Medical Check Points

Personnel and Supplies

At the medical checkpoints you will find EMTs, RNs, PAs, WFRs and others trained in outdoor medical care. The blue first aid boxes at each aid station contain a few basic supplies (bandages, tape, Vaseline, Rolaids, Ibuprofen). Bring any supplies you expect to have, but take only those medications that have been approved by your physician for use under these extreme conditions.


All runners will be weighed in their running gear at the Friday check-in. The scales all weight he same, and these scales will be used at the race check points. Weight Loss of 6% means that you must stop for a more thorough evaluation and rehydration. A 7% loss mean elimination! WEIGHT GAIN may indicate a serious problem with your kidney function. Be sure that you are urinating and that your urine is clear. Take in proper electrolyte replacement fluids! Drinking only glucose will get you in trouble. You must take in sodium and potassium also.

Blood Pressure and Pulse

Blood pressure and pulse will be checked at all medical stations.

Mental Status

If you exhibit an unusual amount of confusion, disorientation or fatigue (particularly in the last 40 miles of night running) you will be asked to stop the race.


You will be on a very rural trail run and immediate care will be difficult to get. DO NOT LEAVE THE TRAIL! Send word ahead to the next aid station and we will get to you. Radio vehicles will be aiding the local ambulance radio network but the ambulance could take 30+ minutes to arrive after being contacted.

Voluntary Withdrawl

If you choose to stop, you must check out at an aid station and then travel to a medical check point to be evaluated before leaving the area (or to the finish line after 6:00 p.m. race day).

Common Sense and Self-awareness

Know your limits, take care of yourself and enjoy your run!!

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