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Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run

Pacer Request Sign-Up

For Pacers and Runners: (Pacer Request Sign-Up)

We love to help pair up Runners with Pacers but we're having a staff shortage this year. We'll do our best to help folks who sign up for a volunteer pacer, but please do your best to find your own pacer this year and don't count on us. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

If you are a runner who needs a pacer, we take requests on a first come first served basis. We need to know a few basic questions to insure the best possible match. We cannot guarantee that we will find you a pacer but if you will click on the below link and fill out the form, we will do our best.

If you are a Pacer who does not yet have a Runner click below. We would love your help! Just let us know what distance you can manage and we will be in touch. If you are not sure, then sign up anyways and we will talk before we commit you to someone.

Thank you,

John Bassette, Pacing Co-coordinator

John Murphy, Pacing Co-coordinator


Important Notes for Runners and Pacers:

Runners in the Vermont 100 are allowed to have pacers for the last 30 miles (starting at the second time through Camp 10 Bear). Any runner 60 years of age or older may have a pacer at any point in the race. Pacers are not allowed to carry the runner's equipment (race rules) but may lend guidance, advice, and moral support.

You are welcome to bring your own pacer and if that is the case, you do not need to fill out this form or even notify us. There is no entry cost for pacers but meals and T-shirts must be purchased if desired.

Hint: Often the runners buy a modest gift for pacers as a "thank you".

Please contact us at the email address above with your questions about pacing.

Detailed info for Pacers - Frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions about being a pacer.


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