2021 Vermont 100 – Cancellation Notice

From the Race Director – Updated 4/28/21

It’s with a heavy heart that the Vermont 100 Endurance Race committee voted last week to officially cancel the 2021 Vermont 100 due to COVID-19. This was an emotional decision and not one that was taken lightly or decided easily.

The race committee considered the health and safety of all runners, riders, volunteers, community members, and vendors at the forefront of the discussion.  We did look at many alternatives, including the route, timing of events, and alteration of the services provided, to consider if there was a feasible alternative.  However, we jointly were not able to find a way to provide anything close to the true Vermont 100 experience and felt like continuing with a stripped-down, much smaller, and incredibly altered version of the event was not the experience that we wanted for the participants, volunteers, or community members.  As said before, this was not an easy decision and ultimately was extremely emotional for all.

We truly look forward to 2022, when we are committed to providing the magical celebration and amazing atmosphere that is Vermont 100 and hope to see each of you there!

We acknowledge that the current situation is very fluid, making day-to-day and month-to-month planning difficult for everyone. We felt it was important to share this information with everyone involved as quickly as possible so you each can adjust plans accordingly.  We are now working on many of the unknowns (and questions) that you will have, and ask for your patience and understanding as we shift our focus to that.

Details we can share right now

  • 2021 Start List
    We plan to roll the 2020 start list over into the 2022 Vermont 100. If you do not want to remain on the start list for next year’s event, you can request removal from the start list using this form (https://forms.gle/8wrAVeigTRtRKWwU7).
  • 2021 Waitlist
    We plan to roll the 2020 waitlist over into the 2021 Vermont 100. We WILL NOT pull anyone off the waitlist and into the event until a later date (likely next fall/winter). If you do not want to remain on the waitlist for next year’s event, you can request removal from the waitlist using this form (https://forms.gle/8wrAVeigTRtRKWwU7)
  • Race Qualifiers / Volunteer Requirements
    We have not made any decisions regarding any adjustments to the volunteer and qualifier requirements for next year’s race (given this year’s race cancellation). We will communicate when we know more.
  • 2022 Race Date

Further details coming soon

As we find time in the coming weeks to work out the finer details regarding this cancellation, we will release more information. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support through these uncertain times.

Virtual Run (#myVT100)

There are a few options for anyone who wishes to still celebrate VT100, support Vermont Adaptive, or both!

  • For folks who want to celebrate VT100 in their own way: We will be again challenging folks to choose their own adventure regarding how they celebrate what is meaningful for them, and share their story, photos, inspiration via #myVT100.  (This will run for the entire month of July.)
  • For folks who want to celebrate VT100 while also supporting Vermont Adaptive: Again, folks who participate in #myVT100 and fundraise for Vermont Adaptive will be awarded some VT100 goodies. More details on this will be coming soon.
  • For folks who simply want to fundraise for Vermont Adaptive: You’re encouraged to check out the Vermont Adaptive Charity Challenge. More information is available here (charityride.vermontadaptive.org).

The impact on Vermont Adaptive & Local Businesses

I want to take a moment to acknowledge that while I’m bummed to not see you all this summer, the race cancellation will also have a significant impact on others – notably, Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, as well as the area businesses of West Windsor. And for the 2nd year in a row!

This race is annually one of the largest fundraisers for Vermont Adaptive. Their mission, providing the opportunity for athletes of all abilities to enjoy activities and challenge themselves through sports, is one that we can all agree is important right now. I know how much running has become my sanity through COVID-19; and I know that without Vermont Adaptive, countless folks don’t have the option to go out and run or otherwise work out their anxiety through sports.

Further, our event is one of the largest sources of income for many various West Windsor businesses, which will struggle financially with the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 VT100 (among other events, such as the 2020 VT50 that also supports these businesses).

As such, I know some runners may wish to donate some or all of their 2020 entry fee towards Vermont Adaptive and/or towards supporting a local West Windsor business. If you wish to do this, you may make your donation using this form (https://forms.gle/Mons5SQKf11g4EVEA). And don’t worry, unless you choose to remove your name from the start list, your spot will still be carried over to the 2022 Vermont 100. If you wish to make a donation to Vermont Adaptive (and support me running 100 miles on my own this summer, again), you may also do so here (http://www.PledgeReg.com/288835).

Thank you and rock on

More than ever, we look forward to seeing you at Silver Hill for the 2022 Vermont 100! Until then, stay safe and be well!

–  Amy Rusiecki and the Vermont 100 Race Committee

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