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Wastin’ Away Again in Margaritaville at the Vermont 100

New, fun T-shirts on sale this year to help us celebrate 30 Years! More Cool T-shirts to Come-With Your Help! We know you LOVE running into Margaritaville for the music, the cheeseburgers in paradise, the props and The Frozen Fins  The Vermont Parrot Head Club…

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Ideal Race Calendar, More Training Tips from Run Formula

Written by our own Race Director, Amy Rusiecki for RunFormula With the snow finally melting and trails clearing up, it’s time to think about finalizing your 2018 race calendar. You’re already signed up for this summer’s Vermont 100 (yay!), so now you need to focus…

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Calling All Vermont 100 Volunteers

Time to  SIGN-UP for the 30th Anniversary of the Vermont 100 Endurance Race A Message from our Volunteer Coordinators Carolyn and Kristin… Hello All,  I cannot believe it is already the middle of March which also means only 4 more months until the VT100!  Woohoo! Please…

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The Importance of Strength Training for Running

Written by Jack Pilla, Run Formula Coach Ok, you’ve been working on getting in the miles and building your base for the VT 100 with 21 weeks to go.  What else could you be doing?  How about some strength work!!  Distance runners need to acquire…

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Ask runners about the love of their life and the chances are they will say ‘running’…. before correcting it with ‘well, after my husband / wife / boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other, of course!’ Juggling a healthy love life alongside an often-selfish running obsession can be a…

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A Sweetheart Deal-February’s Top Fundraiser Will Get A Pair of Snow Shoes

Be the TOP Vermont 100 Fundraiser for February, win a pair of DION Snowshoes Thanks to race sponsor DION SNOWSHOES the top fundraiser for the month of February will get a pair of Dion Snowshoes! The DION difference: They offer snowshoes as separate components (Frame, Binding…

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Winter Training for Summer Success

Written by Lindsay Simpson, Run Formula coach So you’re in, congratulations! You’ve marked your calendar for July 21 and it reads “VT100 Baby!” While July warmth and humidity may be hard to imagine when you’re blasted with sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and 20 mph winds;…

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Putting the Fun in Fundraising

For those that don’t know, the Vermont 100 is one of the largest annual fundraisers for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports . Over the years, through hard work and dedication of our patrons, the VT100 has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support…

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Fundraising Wall of Fame

2018 Wall of Fame We are grateful to the people listed on this page – supportive, generous, enthusiastic and committed Vermont 100 participants who have fundraised for Vermont Adaptive this year. Each of these participants has invited their friends and family to sponsor them In…

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Winners of Our #GivingTuesday Raffle are…

Congratulations to Our #GivingTuesday Raffle winners: Emily Wivell who won a free entry into this year’s VT100, and Casey Fisher who won early entry into this year’s race. Together we helped Vermont Adaptive raise $90,000! A message from Erin Fernandez, Executive Director Vermont Adaptive Donors…

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#GivingTuesday for Vermont Adaptive

Right Now, Your Gift to Vermont Adaptive Will Go Twice as Far in Supporting Athletes with Disabilities. As Cyber Monday begins today,  Vermont Adaptive is prepping for a great #GivingTuesday tomorrow. Your donation is doubled – up to $45,000 (thanks to a matching pledge!) So $50 = $100.…

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You’ve Been Asking, We’ve Been Planning Registration News

Registration Dates Are Set! Woo Hoo! Find all Vermont 100 registration information on our page Entry Process and Registration Team Run 2 Empower registration opens today, Monday November, 20 Register Here Early 100 Mile Registration-January 15, 7 p.m. to January 19, 7 p.m.  (details below) General 100 mile…

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What’d You Think of the 2017 VT100? Take the Post Race Survey Today

Thank you ALL for attending our 29th annual Vermont 100 Endurance Run or Ride! Whether you were a runner, a crew person, a family support member, a volunteer, a HAM radio operator, a horse rider, a horse crew person, veterinarian, medical staff… you get the…

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An Interview with Karen & Rob: The HAM Radio Operators Keeping Us Safe

You may not notice them, but they’re there and they’re keeping us all safe during race weekend. They relay info from the aid stations to the re-stock trucks. They call for rides back to Silver Hill if someone needs a lift. They keep track of…

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*Blind Dates at the VT100 – Pacing/Being Paced by a Stranger

Some runners don’t have the ability to travel with pacers, so they rely on the generosity of strangers to pace them. Are you a pacer seeking a runner or runner seeking a pacer to help you at the VT100? Well, you’re in luck – no…

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Interview with Laura Farrell: VT Adaptive Founder, Former VT100 RD

Our VT100 Race History & VT Adaptive page on this website give you a bit of background on Laura Farrell, but we were also lucky enough to catch up with her more personally and in greater length in this interview. Here’s what we asked and…

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A Must Read Interview with John Geesler: 24x VT100 Finisher

VT100 rockstar, John Geesler, will be seeking his 25th finish at the 2017 VT100. “I don’t train, so much as I just go run. Don’t have a log, or keep track of miles or time. I just want to enjoy the run.”   In this…

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A Note From the Medical Director

One of the qualities that makes a good ultrarunner is stubbornness. However, this trait can also be a liability. It is critically important to be able to distinguish between when you should tough it out, and when you need to stop. That’s why we have…

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2017 Movie Night – 8% No Limit

This year’s Friday Night Feature will be the documentary, 8% No Limit, starring ultrarunner Rhonda-Marie Avery. Step into the shoes of a runner who is blind, as she traverses Canada’s longest trail. In the summer of 2014, Rhonda-Marie Avery set out to run 885 kilometers across…

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Interview with ‘Nipmuck’ Dave

After race directing the Nipmuck Trail Marathon in Connecticut for 26 years and retiring from 30 years of Occupation Therapy work, adaptive athlete Dave Raczkowski finished last year’s VT100 on his handmade titanium crutches with 6 minutes to spare. Tenacious and gritty, this interview reveals…

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Team Run 2 Empower – Meet the 2017 Team

Every year, the VT100 reserves race entries for Team Run to Empower. Team Run 2 Empower is made up of individuals who commit to fundraising a minimum of $1,000 for Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports, a nationally recognized nonprofit providing sports and recreational programs to…

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FAQs – Zeke’s Answers to All Your VT100 Questions

We get A LOT of questions from our participants every year. So, we’ve rounded up your FAQs and Zeke’s taken the time to answer each. There’s a ton of information here, but we promise it’s worth it. Enjoy! This post is broken up into 11 sections.…

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Drop Bag Instructions for Your VT100

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers! So let’s jump into some VT100 drop bag instructions. Here’s What You NEED to Know About Drop Bags at the VT100  We cover basic drop bag instructions, which aid stations drop bags can be sent to, an FAQ you…

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Volunteering at the VT100 – What To Know

Welcome to the VT100 blog post that covers most everything you’d need to know about volunteering at the VT100 – from the duties and perks available, to what to download to be prepared, and even a little bit on our volunteer recognition awards Oh, and…

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Gas. Food. Ice – Where to Buy It Along the VT100 Race Route

Crews listen up especially: You’re gonna need gas. You’re gonna get hungry. You’re gonna want to cool some things off. So we’re here to help you! Find the best spots along the VT100 race route to locate fuel, food, and ice. Read more about each…

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Your Race Weekend Checklist

There’s so much to do, know, and get ready for when it comes to arriving at Silver Hill on race day with a clear mind and ready to race. So, we want to arm you with a quick VT100 weekend checklist in hopes it’ll help you…

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New for 2017: Athletes with Disability – Divisions & Rules

We are so excited to deepen our commitment to adaptive sports and proud to announce that the 2017 VT100 will be the first trail ultra ever to recognize mobility and visually impaired athletes in their own division: Athletes With Disabilities (AWD).  This post will cover *everything…

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Interviewing the VT100’s Camp Ten Bear Aid Station Captains

A 4-Question Interview with the Camp Ten Bear Aid Station Captains In this post, we chat with Carolyn Shreck and Josh Katzman. Carolyn and Josh of the TARC running club captain the Camp Ten Bear aid station, which plays a crucial role in supporting runners…

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5 Questions with Kyle Robidoux – A 2017 AWD Participant

The 2017 Vermont 100 will be the first ultra ever to formally recognize Athletes With Disabilities with an awards division for ultra runners with visual or mobility impairments, and we’re so proud to bring you this interview with Kyle Robidoux in anticipation. Kyle Robidoux: A 5-question…

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The 4 Best VT100 Spectator Spots

Want to cheer on the runners, but didn’t get asked to crew one? We’ll you’re in luck. Here are the best VT100 spectator spots.  But First – The Rules Please note: Spectators Only! We mean it, these suggestions are only for spectators only – NOT crews or pacers,…

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Amazing Interview with 2017 AWD Participant Jason Romero

As the first ultra ever to formally recognize Athletes With Disabilities in their own division, the 2017 VT100 race crew is proud to bring you this interview with upcoming AWD participant Jason Romero. Jason Romero: His Story and the 9-question interview Jason’s Story Jason Romero…

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