Due to COVID-19, the 2020 and 2021 Vermont 100s were canceled and registered 2020 runners will have the option to roll their registration over into the 2022 or 2023 event, the decision regarding which year to use their registration must be made by January 1, 2022.  Details about how to claim their entry will be emailed directly to those runners.


  • $300 – 100-mile race
  • $250 – 100-kilometer race


December 15-20th, 2021 – Runners from 2020 start list will be given the opportunity to claim their spot in the 2022 event.  (If they don’t claim a spot in the 2022 event, they will be offered an early registration spot in the 2023 event also.)

December 22-26th, 2021 – Runners from the 2020 waitlist will be given the opportunity to claim their spot on the 2022 waitlist.  These runners will be placed in the same order as the 2020 waitlist.  (There is no ‘roll over’ option into the 2023 event for waitlisted runners.)

January 1, 2022, 4:00pm (EST) – Waitlist registration will open for runners not on the 2020 start list or waitlists.  These runners will be placed at the bottom of the waitlists.

January 15, 2022 – There will be no lottery for the 2022 event.  However, on January 15th, we will do a small lottery for a few runners to ‘jump the waitlist’ and get into the event.  This lottery will include every runner who is on the waitlist at the time, regardless of whether they were registered in 2020 or not.


Entry process for the 2022 event has been adjusted, due to the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events.  Below is information on registration for future years.

Entry process for the 2023 event is as follows:

Early Registration

Participants can qualify for early registration through any of five criteria:

  1. 4+ Vermont 100 mile finishes in the past 8 years (100 mile race only) OR 4+ Vermont 100 km finishes in the past 8 years (100k race only)
  2. Overall podium in the past 2 Vermont 100s (for the distance they podiumed only)
  3. Aid station captains or their designee (each club that adopts an aid station can designate one runner for early entry)
  4. Athletes with Disabilities
  5. “Local Supporters” (race committee members, VT100 course land owners, etc.)
  6. Runners who have completed both the Vermont 100 mile run and Vermont 100 mile ride.

Runners who qualify for early registration will receive an email with their early registration code by December 10th and must enter during the early registration period.  If you believe you qualify and don’t receive a lottery bypass code, follow up with the RD between December 11th and 14th, 2022.

General Registration

General registration will be via lottery, as follows:

  • Runners will be allowed to enter lottery either individually or with a buddy (i.e. either you both get in or you don’t).
  • All names entered will be pulled, either for the race or to place them on the waitlist in the order pulled.

Want More Information?

*All times given in Eastern Standard Time (EST)


VT100 reserves priority race entries for individuals who commit to fundraising a minimum of $1500 for Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports.

Please email the RD for more information or read this blog to learn how to join.

Make an impact.
Help change lives.


VT100 recognizes three divisions for both males/females:

  • Crewed Athletes
  • Solo Athletes
  • Athletes with Disabilities*

Each division has its own male/female awards. See Race Details page.
Each division has its own rules. See Runner’s Handbook.

* AWDs – We also feature additional information on our FAQs page that specifically speaks to criteria for entry, further explains division breakdowns within this category, breaks down all the rules for you and your guides, and more.


VT100 periodically updates a complete list of entrants.  These lists show the start list from the 2020 Vermont 100:


After the races fill, you may enter the wait list here. As runners withdraw from the race, the top waitlisted runner will automatically be moved into the race and their credit card charged race fees.


  • Please complete this form to officially withdraw your entry
  • For 2022 only, runners are allowed to ‘swap distances’ or ‘drop down’ in distance at any time.
  • VT100 does NOT defer entries



All 100-mile entrants must complete a qualifying race.  *Note that virtual events will not count as qualifiers.

Qualifiers include:

  • Complete a 50-mile race in under 12 hours (after 01/01/2021)
  • Complete a 100-km race in under 16 hours (after 01/01/2021)
  • Complete a 100-mile race in under 30 hours (after 01/01/2020)

Any legitimate in-person timed event is acceptable (virtual events will NOT be accepted).  Alternative race distances (greater than 50 miler) may be submitted to the RD for consideration, as long as they are consistent with the standards above. There is no list of qualifier races.

There is no qualifier to run in our 100-kilometer race.


06/01/22 – Submit your qualifier information


All 100-mile and 100-kilometer runners must complete at least 8 hours of volunteer service to the greater running community.

Service must be completed within 15 months of the race (after May 1, 2021).

Volunteer service includes:

  • Volunteering at a trail, ultra, or road running events
  • Volunteering for an adaptive sports program
  • Completing maintenance on a running or community trail

Crewing and pacing does not count toward the volunteer requirement.