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The Vermont 100 Endurance Race is annually one of the largest fundraisers for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports.  Ask your friends and family to sponsor you in the VT100. You’ll make so much possible for Vermont Adaptive athletes!

Jimmy was a soccer player and skier in his youth, but in his teens learned he has a degenerative eye disease.  His vision worsens with each passing year, and his participation in sports diminished as he learned to live as a legally blind person.  A few years ago, at the age of 40, Jimmy found Vermont Adaptive and has been able to participate in skiing in the winter, and biking in the summer.  After years of struggling with his diagnosis, Jimmy is finally able to be an athlete again.


$150 Level

When you start fundraising, you are offering Opportunity to Jimmy. You are helping to purchase adaptive equipment so that Jimmy can enjoy skiing again.  You are paying for the lift ticket for a Jimmy’s guide to hit the slopes.

You are opening the door for opportunities for Jimmy to carve turns on the slopes, and feel the wind at his face on a bike ride.

$500 Level

When you raise $500, you give Independence to Jimmy.  You are helping to fund a weekend long training so that Jimmy learns how to communicate effectively with his guide on the slopes – which allows him to ski faster and with more confidence.  You are helping to get the correct adaptive equipment so that Jimmy can feel the freedom of mountain biking for the first time.

You are allowing Jimmy to gain independence through the activities that he can now participate in.

$1250 Level

When you raise $1,250, you step up for lasting Empowerment. Jimmy is now able to participate regularly throughout the year in programs that help him become truly empowered in the way that soccer and skiing did in his youth.  You are helping to fund top level training for his guide skiers and bikers.

You are allowing Jimmy to feel like an athlete again, which ultimately leads to empowerment.

$2500 Level

When Jimmy is able to participate throughout the year, with the proper equipment and highly trained volunteers, he begins to feel Equality with other athletes.  The barriers start to be broken down, and Jimmy shift from a disabled athlete to an athlete with disabilities.  Jimmy feels confident to ski at his own pace, and experience the slopes as anyone else.

You allow Jimmy to be equal to his peers in so many ways.

$5000 Level

True Change happens for Jimmy with long term participation in sports.  Jimmy is able to enjoy horseback riding, sailing, kayaking, and so many other sports as well as skiing and biking.  Jimmy is able to bond with enthusiastic and passionate volunteers that are highly skilled to train him in all these sports and the adaptive equipment that is used.  Many of the financial barriers are removed for Jimmy, so the only obstacle is his time to participate in Vermont Adaptive programs.

Over years, this participation will change Jimmy’s perception of his diagnosis and allow him to be a better husband, father, and co-worker.

Jimmy is an athlete who was given an opportunity, and through participation gained independence and empowerment.  This participation helped him feel equal to his peers and has ultimately changed his outlook on life.

When you Fundraise for Vermont Adaptive, you make so much possible.  You help so many ‘Jimmys’ who just need an opportunity.   Thank you!

While fundraising is not required for runners, we encourage all runners to fundraise* for Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports.

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