2022 Giving Tuesday Record & 2023 Race Raffle Results

Feeling all the feels after seeing SO much generosity last week from all y’all on Giving Tuesday!

Together we raised nearly $43,000 for Vermont Adaptive, AND set a new single-day giving record in our race’s history. Think of all the adaptive programs, equipment, and scholarships this will support in 2023!

From VT100 Race Director Amy Rusiecki:

“Giving Tuesday has become one of my favorite days each year – and it’s because of each of you and what you did. This is [a] day where my inbox is flooded with positive thoughts and messages, symbols of support, love, acceptance and inclusivity.”

From Vermont Adaptive’s Director of Communications Kim Jackson:

“How much do we love Vermont 100 runners? Well, a whole lot! You guys are amazing, and we’re so grateful you’re a part of the Vermont Adaptive community. Aside from the fact you’re all crazy for running the way you do – you’re also crazy for fundraising the way you do! Thank you from all of us!”

Giving Tuesday by the numbers:

  • $42,621.31 = Total VT100 fundraised (pre-match)
  • 3 = VT100 Team 2 Empower runners who raised over $3000 (pre-match)
  • $620.25 = What one VT100 person donated from collecting redeemable cans for the last year
  • 476 = VT100 individual donations made
  • 352 = Tickets in the ‘guaranteed entry/lottery bypass’ raffle
  • 61 = Ticket in the ‘free entry’ raffle
  • $7,360 = Total raised as a result of the raffle
  • $197,926 = Total raised throughout Vermont Adaptive during GT!
  • Priceless = The stories shared and the value of programs your donations will support

VT100’s fundraising page and individual fundraising pages stay active through the 2023 race: DONATE TODAY!

Happy trails, and THANK YOU for your support of Vermont Adaptive!

Lucky Raffle Winners

  • Bill Burgess – free entry
  • Derek MacDonald – lottery bypass

Upcoming Key Dates

  • 12/15/22 runners who qualify for early entry will receive an email with reg details by this date
  • 12/20 to 12/30/22 – reg opens for runners who qualify for an early entry
  • 1/2 to 1/12/23 – general lottery reg opens to the public
  • 1/114/23 – we will host a live lottery! More details to be released later.

Featured Image Description: Vermont Adaptive Giving Tuesday graphic featuring the Giving Tuesday logo and a caption that reads, “Your Did It! $197,861 Raised! Thank you!”

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