2023 Giving Tuesday Is Huge Success

Vermont 100 Family!

Giving Tuesday at Vermont Adaptive was a huge success, and the Vermont 100 was a huge part of that! Overall, Vermont Adaptive fundraised nearly $192,000 over Giving Tuesday (November 28, 2023), and the Vermont 100 family was responsible for $42,000 of that! And this volume of donations came from over 300 donors … which shows us the power of a large (amazing) group coming together. All the little pieces and donations of all values added up to a HUGE impact. Simply amazing!

Because of you, Vermont Adaptive will be able to offer more lessons to athletes with disabilities, they will be able to purchase additional adaptive equipment, they can offer more scholarships to ensure that cost isn’t a barrier to participation.  Because of YOU, they can continue being an amazing organization that allows EVERYbody access to sports and the outdoors.

In the words of Laura Farrell, who both started Vermont Adaptive AND the Vermont 100: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We also held the annual Giving Tuesday raffle to a few lucky folks who donated. Congrats to Tyler Tulloch, who won a guaranteed entry, and Rob Bayliss, who won a free entry! We can’t wait to see both of you on the starting line this year!

We hope you all have a wonderful start to December … but for now, simply THANK YOU to all who donated to Vermont Adaptive on Giving Tuesday. Every dollar counts to Vermont Adaptive, and we’re so proud that the Vermont 100 family has such a tremendous impact on Vermont Adaptive.

– Amy & The VT100 Race Committee


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