Athletes with Disability – Divisions & Rules

Athletes with Disability – Divisions & Rules

In 2017, the VT100 deepened our commitment to adaptive sports by becoming the first trail ultra ever to recognize mobility and visually impaired athletes in their own division: Athletes With Disabilities (AWD). 

This post will cover *everything you need to know about the AWD division, from entry criteria to division breakdown to racer and guide rules.

*If there is anything you feel we miss here, please contact us in the footer contact form that follows this post.

Criteria for AWD Entry

Criteria for entry into the 2018 VT 100 AWD category is as follows:

AWD Entry Process

AWDs will follow the same registration process as the general registration, and will register for the distance race they plan to run. If an AWD requires additional time to register (e.g. due to visual impairment), contact the RD for early registration.

AWD Division Breakdown

Based on International Paralympic Committee impairment descriptions, the VT 100 will *recognize two types of AWD based on clearly defined eligible impairments: Visually impaired and mobility impaired.

*Depending on number of AWDs registered, the VT100 may choose to group all AWDs within one division or recognize each division listed below individually:


Individuals with vision impacted by an impairment of the eye structure, optical nerves or optical pathways, or the visual cortex, may be granted registration as an AWD but will not be allowed extended time on the course.

A couple things to note about our course for visually impaired athletes:


Individuals with permanent physical disabilities that affect their ability to walk/run, may be granted registration as an AWD but will not be allowed extended time on the course.

This includes:

Unfortunately, due to course restrictions and safety concerns related to the trails of the VT100, this does not include:

*All AWDs must be fully ambulatory, the use of any mechanical device will not be allowed.

Rules for AWDs and Guides

AWDs and their guide(s) will follow the same rules as all participants:

Start times, Course, and Time Limits

Guide Rules

Guide Responsibilities

Looking Forward to a Tremendous Race

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and VT100 - AWDget familiar with our new AWD division. At the end of the day, it is our hope that in disallowing extra time to complete the race (as well as other accommodations), we’re providing an opportunity for all abilities to compete on equal ground.

We’re open to feedback and improvements, and encourage other Race Committees to accept this challenge as well.

See you at the start line!

-The VT100 Race Committee

VT Adaptive Ski & Sport Headquarters
Attention: Amy Rusiecki
PO Box 139 Killington, VT 05751
Call: 1-802-786-4991

Directions to Silver Hill Meadow, Site of the VT100 Endurance Race Start/Finish