Fundraising Wall of Fame

2018 Wall of Fame

We are grateful to the people listed on this page – supportive, generous, enthusiastic and committed Vermont 100 participants who have fundraised for Vermont Adaptive this year. Each of these participants has invited their friends and family to sponsor them in the Vermont 100 – to join them in supporting Vermont Adaptive’ s important work.  Since 2015 (when the Team Run 2 Empower started), Vermont 100 participants have fundraised over $300,000 for Vermont Adaptive!

If you haven’t already begun, it’s not too late! Look up your fundraising page and ask friends and family to support you!  Thanks!


Champion for Change


Meg Cullings, Matt Klein


Champion for Equity


Krista Alderdice, Lucimar Araujo, Maria Chevalier, Chris Eaton, Jessie Farnham, Tim Finke, Erik Glover, Jennifer McLaughlin, Keith McWilliams, Michelle Rice, Nathan Stanford, Allison Westhoven


Champion for Empowerment


Rihana Azam, Adam Baker, Cara Baskin, Karen Benway, Dylan Broderick, Janna Chernetz, Leah Christensen, Jason Cousins, Bruce Dailey, Vanessa DeSota, Tim Dowling, Kevin Draper, Marc Eaton, >Sam Farnsworth, Ben Fiandaca, Sam Fiandaca, Robert Gill, Gene Gugliotta, Charlotte Healy, Tanya Holbrook, Gregg Holst, Celia Leber, Jon Mason, Thomas Nuovo, Melissa Ossanna, Chad Prichard, Joe Pulver, Brendan Pytka, Michael Rafferty, Robert Seaman, John Sheedy, Tiffany Sivco, Chris Straub, Kelly Tabara, Denis Trafecanty, Tammy Volock, Kelly Walsh, Caroline Williams


Champion for Independence


Steven Benardete, Howard Breinan, Aaron Christie, Brian Emerson, Lori Emery, Maureen Gillespie, Jessica Goldman, Michelle Mccarthy, Alex Shaffer, Graham Sherriff, Erica Simister


Champion for Opportunity


Ryan Couto, Katy-Jayne Dowd, Andrew Drummond, Tom Hooper, Sharon Knorr, Suzanne Marhesano, Jason Proulx, Lauren Santonastaso, Diane Souza, Christian Taylor



All-Time Fundraising Totals

Top 20 Fundraisers

1. Matt Klein – $54,825
2. Meg Cullings – $17,290
3. Neely Fortune – $16,0000
4. Keith McWilliams – $11,660
5. Maria Chevalier – $10,110
6. Chris Eaton – $10,050
7. Lucimar Araujo – $9,283
8. Erik Glover – $7,317
9. Neil Feldman – $5,610
10. Leah Christensen – $5,303
11. Tom Hancock – $5,000
12. E. David Granum – $4,516
13. Celia Leber – $4,270
14.Scot Binder – $3,930
15. Krista Alderdice – $3,815
16. Allison Westhoven – $3,782
17. Alex Shaffer – $3,301
18. Michael Rafferty – $3,140
19. Nathan Stanford – $3,100
20. Tim Finke – $3,000

(*Based on fundraising totals from 2013 – current, we unfortunately don’t have records prior to this time.  If you feel this information is incorrect, please email the RD.)

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