June 15, 2022 – VT100 Race Updates

Emailed to Participants: June 15, 2022

One month from today, we’ll be gathering on Silver Hill…ready to set off for your 100k or 100 mile journey. Did anyone else just get nervous hearing that?!?  So exciting!

Alright, since we’re getting down to crunch time, you’ll be getting some updates from us on all sort of things…as things are falling into place.  Please check out this entire [blog post], and reach out with questions.

I’ll start with pointing you towards the start lists (100k start list100 mile start list), which show volunteer and qualifier confirmation, as well as crewed vs. solo status. Please read below for more info, and reach out if there’s an issue that’s not addressed below.

1. Volunteer Requirement

Reminder that you should have submitted your form to report you completed your volunteer requirement by today (6/15/22). More info on the volunteer requirement (including the dates ranges for the 8-hour volunteering) is listed on the race website here.  The form to submit your information is here.

*Note that we are behind with confirming submissions for volunteer requirements – if you submitted your form within the last few weeks, it’s possible we didn’t get to you yet (and we appreciate your patience!).

2. Qualifier Requirement

If you’re a 100 mile runner, reminder that you should have submitted your form to report you completed your qualifier (and it was due a few weeks ago!). More info on the qualification requirements is listed on the race website here. The form to submit your qualifier is here.

*Note that we are up to date with confirming qualifiers submitted at this time.  If you aren’t shown as submitting your qualifier, then either you didn’t submit it after registering this year or it fell through the cracks.  Either way, please submit the form so we can get you confirmed!

3. COVID/Vaccination Requirement

We uploaded a waiver into the registration system that every runner must complete to confirm that you are aware of the vaccination requirement and that you (and anyone you bring with you to the event) is in compliance with the race’s vaccination policy. You should have received an email from the registration system to complete this waiver.  No one will be allowed on-site or at aid stations without completing this form.

4. Volunteers

We need more volunteers at this year’s race! Due to COVID, we are struggling to get enough volunteers to support each of you (and this is pretty common these days!). We ask that each of you reach out to your friends, family, teammates, or anyone who might be willing to help make this year’s VT100 a success. (Specifically, if someone is traveling to support you but can help out for a few hours, that would be AMAZING!) Here’s the link to sign-up for volunteering.

5. COVID Changes

There will be a few changes to this year’s event due to COVID.  We’re still working them out, but I wanted to let y’all know about a few of them in case they change your plans.

  • Friday pre-race briefing – we’ll do a virtual pre-race briefing instead of a large Friday briefing.  More details (and link to watch/join) will be sent out when we know more.
  • Friday pre-race dinner – rather than a large sit-down dinner, we’re instead offering dinner from 3-6:30pm that folks can either sit and eat or take with them.  Menu will be similar to past years, and to-go containers will be available.
  • Sunday awards – we’ll be giving folks their hard-earned awards upon crossing the finish line rather than at one large awards ceremony.  Sorry that it means that each finish won’t have their name called and be celebrated among their peers…but I’ll be there to give you a sweaty hug and hope that’s almost as valuable?!?
  • Sunday post-race meal – like with Friday night dinner, we’re not doing the large Sunday BBQ.  Instead, you’ll be offered a meal when you finish your race (or when you make it back to Silver Hill).  The menu will change throughout the night/overnight/morning accordingly.

6. Course Changes

There are a few minor changes to the course this year, and these might only make sense to those of you who have run the VT100 a few times.  We will compile all the changes and get those out to folks in the next email.

7. Runner Handbook

The 2019 Runner Handbook is posted online currently, and can be used as guidance for the event rules, including crew and pacer rules.  We will update the handbook and post the 2022 Runner Handbook by July 5th, which will include new crew driving directions.

8. We’re stoked!

We can’t wait to see you all at Silver Hill, so please reach out if you have any questions, and know that we’re working hard to make this an awesome event – worthy of waiting many years for!

Happy trails!

-Amy and the VT100 Race Committee

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