Know your VT100 aid stations

The BEST aid station competition can get hot and heavy at the VT100. Here are some highlights on who’s manning the spots.

Remember, these volunteers pour their all into this long day and at the end of the race we’re going to ask you who you thought was the absolute best. So, study up!

Pretty House (mile 21.3) – The Shenipsit Striders 

The Shenipsit Striders are a running club in northern central CT that enjoys being on the trails – whether trail running, snowshoe running, or orienteering. The Striders put on classic New England trail races such as the Nipmuck Marathon and Soapstone Trail Race. They have at least one runner competing, but as always, will be a great presence at the race with crewing and pacing duties. This club likes to have fun, and there is no doubt they will have a great theme and run an efficient aid station.

Stage Road (mile 30.3)


Route 12 (Mile 33.3) – The Western Mass Distance Project 

The Western Mass Distance Project is primarily a competitive road running club, based in Western MA, but has runners competing in trail running, mountain running, and snowshoe running. WMDP annually hosts a cross country race that is part of the USATF-NE series. The folks working the aid station will be crewing and pacing for their one runner after the aid station closes. We are sure they will have a great theme – these are the girls who ran around in ‘Team Amy’ shirts with pink feathers in their hair last year. The only thing they like better than running fast is having some fun (typically with a beverage in hand!)

Camp 10 Bear (47 & 69.4) – TARC


Lincoln Covered Bridge (mile 38.2) – Trail Monster Running

Trail Monster Running is a trail running group in southern Maine who are passionate about the trails and love to get dirty – whether trail running, snowshoe running, or competing in the National Wife Carrying Competition. They host numerous races, including the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival (which is one of the best parties in New England!). They may only have a few runners competing in the 100 miler, but they will certainly bring a large and enthusiastic group to VT100. Their finish line party at the Pineland Farms races is legendary, they also have fun with some cowboy themed aid stations at that race – we anticipate they will have a great time and do a great theme at our race.

Birmingham’s Aid Station (mile 53.9) – Gil’s Athletic Club

Gil’s Athletic Club is a running club based on Topsham, MA, and beyond running, they have known to bike, swim, and drink plenty of beer. GAC puts on the popular Stone Cat races and a 6 Hour Trail race. As always, GAC will be at VT100 in huge numbers, to support the 6 GAC runners competing in the 100 miler. The Stone Cat races are named after a local beer (or maybe vice versa) – they are known to have the actual Stone Cat (someone in costume), as well as Stone Cat ale (and often other alcoholic options) at their races.

Margaritaville (Mile 58.5) – The Frozen Fins

The Frozen Fins from the Vermont Chapter of Parrotheads in Paradise, a Jimmy Buffett fan club, will be returning to run Margaritaville. This group has volunteered at an aid station since the beginning of the race! We hear they may have a Steel Pan group performing during some of the race. These guys have been voted BEST Aid Station a number of times and hope to repeat again this year. This is the aid station that set the bar for decorations, music, style & attitude!

Spirit of ’76 (Mile 76.2) – Zeke & the RWB Crew

Zeke and his red, white, and blue crew will be stepping up to bring you the best of Americana aid station food, drinks, and snack.

Bill’s (mile 88.3) –


Polly’s (mile 94.9) –  

Rob Mather will be organizing the folks from the Red Cross again to make you all feel welcome at Polly’s.

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