Our Volunteers are Rockstars!

Check out our Volunteer Recognition Awards winners:

The Stoney Stone Award: for the Ultimate Volunteer
We give The Stoney Stone, Volunteer of the Year award is given in memory of Stoney who was a dedicated volunteer during the early years of Vermont Adaptive. He was always there, no matter the conditions, what needed doing or who needed help, he couldn’t imagine a life without the program and they couldn’t have done it without him.

2008-Original VHSA Volunteers
2009-20 Year Vermont 100 Volunteers
2010-Deb Shearer
2011 Richard Hutchinson
2012-Zeke Zucker
2013-Matt Smith
2014-Bill Stillson
2015-Sharon Quackenbush
2016-Mike Silverman
2017-Joe Holland
2018-Jeff Katchen
2019-TBA… it could be you, sign-up today!

The Pinky Farrell and Jim Hutchinson Award: In memory of their belief and dedication to this event
We give the Pinky Farrell and Jim Hutchinson award to the people who most represent the heart of this race. Picky Farrell was the mother in law of Laura, our original race director and the founder of Vermont Adaptive. Jim Hutchinson was the Race Director here for 8 years. They both truly believed in the event and the cause. They went over and above every expectation to make the event safe, fun and successful.

1998-Joe Lugiano, Bruce Boyd
1998-Bill and Laura Stillson
2000-Laura Farrell, Dot Helling
2001-Steve and Dinah Rojek
2002-Stew Stryker
2003-Danna Broemel
2004-All Participating Landowners
2005-In Memory of John Kenul
2006-Jim Hutchinson
2007-All HAM Radio Operators
2008-All Medical Staff
2009-Lou Schmertz
2010-Erika Stillson
2011-Art and Pat Rosson
2012-Paul Davis
2013-Bobby and Brad Farrell
2014-Sue and John Greenall
2015-Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
2016-Julia Hutchinson O’Brien
2017-Karen and Rob Mather (NetControl)
2018-Heather Hoynes
2019-TBA… it could be you, sign-up today!

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