Vermont 100 Weather Update (7/11/23)

We of course hoped yesterday’s weather wouldn’t amount to what it has, so here is an update for everyone from our RD, who has understandably been fielding lots of questions. The below message was also communicated in email to all participants.

Shared 7/10/23

“Vermont is currently under a state of emergency due to extreme rain. I saw a photo of one stretch of our course that is currently under feet of water. My heart goes out to the families and businesses which have been flooded due to this incredible rainfall.

What are we doing as a race committee?

First, we are closely monitoring the situation. We will know more about how this rain has impacted our event in another 24 hours – so please give us the time to assess the situation. We have committee members out checking the trail and road conditions – and will continue to check throughout tomorrow and Wednesday.

So, what does this really mean for the race?

We’re doing everything we can to try to put on the Vermont 100 this weekend, if at all possible. We are exploring several contingencies that may alter the event (route, logistics, aid), and will know more. I promise, we will let you know as soon as decisions are made – so please give us time to explore what those answers will be.

What does this mean for you, as a runner?

It means that some of the logistics of the race may change. The route might be different. There may be a few aid stations that are no longer available (and therefore you may need to go longer without aid). Some of the crew stations may be inaccessible for crews. In short, things might look very different this year…but we’re doing the best we can. When we know more and decisions have been made – we will let you know.

What can you do right now to prepare?

If I were running this year, and preparing for all scenarios, I would ensure I have options to carry water and fueling for longer distances than those prescribed on the current aid station charts (i.e. pack a hydration pack just in case!). I would also bring gear and bags in case I need to send drop bags to aid stations that are no longer accessible by crews. In short, I would come prepared to be agile to a few different possible conditions.

I would also send some thoughts and prayers for the communities that we run through, and the homeowners and businesses that have been impacted by this weather event.

In closing, I will do my best to send out an email tomorrow night with further information and updates. When I know more and decisions are made, we WILL let you know.

For now, stay safe out there!”

All For Now

Thank you for reading and respect the process during this difficult time.

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