Volunteers Work Tirelessly to Keep Trails in Great Shape

Melody Blittersdorf, Eric Grald and Jeff Blittersdorf.

Not sure what the weather has been like this Spring where you live but around the Vermont 100 trails, it’s been pretty bad. Heavy rains, high winds, saturated soil.

There has been more trail damage this year than folks have seen in 20 plus years.

Luckily there is a core group of dedicated trail volunteers who give their weekends to trail maintenance.

You met some a few weeks ago

We’d now like to introduce to more trail volunteers.

Rick Fallon clearing in the early spring.
Steve Grover

Thanks to GHMA volunteers for clearing Cady Brook and Heartbreak Hill.
Eric & Chelle Grald
Michelle & Steven Grover
Dana & Paula Waters
Connie & Scott Walker
Lyn Brown
Bruce Hickey
Jenny Kimberly
Ray Johnson
Laurie Hall
Elizabeth Farley
Barbara Gerstner
Hannah Bright
Walter Bradeen
Rick Fallon
Jim Barr
Toby Bartlett
Shirley Oulette
Debbie Culbertson
Sue Meyer
Debbie Klene
Melody & Jeff Blittersdorf
Bob Anderson
Roy Snell
Stacy Gallowhur

It not’s just people who “chipped” in to help out. The town of Reading, Vermont worked on Kittridge Pasture.


And it’s not just adults helping clear trail.

Power of We! Richmond Middle School 7th graders helped clear mile 99.
Thanks to Alex, Sayan, Angus, Ian, Madeleine, Rhea, Beth, Missie, Amanda, Henry, Reeve and Jim.

Rumor has it that another crew will be out there again this weekend, giving of their time to make the trails usable by our race and by the communities in our area.

The Vermont 100 Race Committee would like to thank all the trail volunteers. We couldn’t host a trail run without you.

If you’d like to help out, please contact Sue Greenall at greenall@vermontel.net

Photos provided courtesy of Sue Greenall, GMHA and Krista Alderdice.


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