2022 Vermont 100 Race Recap

Thank you to our runners, crew, pacers, volunteers, sponsors*, and the VT community at large who brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the 2022 Vermont 100. We cannot express how much everyone’s patience has meant to us over these past few years. Everyone had a hand in the success of this event and we hope to see you again in 2023!

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Top Performances

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2022 VT100-Mile Male Category Winner - Roy Van Cleef (1)

100-mile Male Category* Champion and Top 3 Finishers!

  • Roy Van Cleef, 16:30:01 (1st overall)
  • Nicholas Mamrak, 17:09:22 (2nd overall and 1st solo overall)
  • Oliver Mednick, 17:42:15 (3rd overall )

Van Cleef broke from the pack early and held the lead to the finish to secure his first-ever win at the Vermont 100; Mamrak ran self-supported and maintained second throughout and first overall solo; and Mednick started at a conservative pace and climbed spots carefully all day to round out the podium.

2022 VT100 100-Mile Female Categoty Winner - Aliza Lapierre (1)

100-mile Female Category* Champion and Top 3 Finishers

  • Aliza Lapierre, 18:35:25 (6th overall)
  • Christine Mosley, 19:20:45 (8th overall and 1st solo female category)
  • Dylan Broderick, 20:45:56 (15th overall)

Lapierre has over a decade of 100-mile experience — with a list of amazing performances to her name — and she used her knowledge to race patiently, slowly closing the gap on Moseley, the 2019 VT100 defending champ who held the lead through mile 69; while Broderick rounded out the podium for her fourth top-five finish at VT100.

2022 VT100 100-Mile Male Category and Overall AWD Division Winner - Ben Simanski (1)

100-mile Male Category* and Overall Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) Division** Category

  • Ben Simanski (image: right), 23:28:29 (62nd overall, 1st Visually Impaired).
  • Eric Strong, 26:29:30 (108th overall, 2nd Visually Impaired)

Simanski is a visually impaired athlete, and he led the AWD field from start to finish, holding off fellow visually impaired runners Eric Strong (26:29:30) and Kyle Robidoux.

2022 VT100 100km Womens Category Winner - Riley Brady (1)

100-km Female Category* Champion, Top 3 Finishers, and Solo Winner

  • Riley Brady, 10:03:55 (1st overall and new women’s category CR)
  • Samantha Stimac, 10:53:56 (3rd overall)
  • Tess Hamilton, 11:55:29 (5th overall)
  • Solo Winner: Angelika Grodna-Pantera, 12:23:52 (4th female category, 7th overall)

Brady, now a VT100 vet, executed an incredible race, managing their pace in the pack carefully in the first half and breaking away from the field over the final 30 miles to earn the overall 100-km win and setting a new female category course record in the process. Stimac and Hamilton had strong races to round out the podium; and Grodna-Pantera’s self-supported effort was good for fourth in the female category and seventh overall.

2022 VT100 100-km Male Category Champion - Natty Montoya (1)

100-km Male Category* Champion and Top 3 Finishers

  • Natty Montoya, 10:32:17 (2nd overall and 1st overall solo)
  • Palo Cvik, 11:27:59 (4th overall)
  • Bhushan Suresh, 12:03:08 (6th overall)

Montoya raced hard from the start, contesting the overall win until halfway, and then settling into a self-supported pace that was good for second overall and first solo. Cvik also left the gate with the leaders and despite falling behind in time, never lost his spot in the top; and Suresh raced steady to round out the male category podium.

*At the Vermont 100, runners who identify as non-binary may choose to compete in their own division or against their hormonal peers in either the male or female category. Like our athletes with disabilities division (AWD), this option is presented as part of our race’s larger push to expand accessibility and inclusion in the sport of ultrarunning. We believe that the trails are a place for everyone and we continuously strive to make our runner, volunteer, sponsorship, and fundraising opportunities as accessible and appealing to people from all backgrounds and identities. If you have ideas on how our event can continue to break barriers and close gaps, email us at vt100@vermontadaptive.org.

**In 2017, the Vermont 100 deepened our commitment to adaptive sports by becoming the first trail ultra ever to recognize mobility and visually impaired athletes in their own division: Athletes With Disabilities (AWD). Go here to learn about the criteria, entry process, division breakdown, rules, and more.

2022 VT100 Race Recap - Closing Photo - Runner and Horseback Rider (1)


Our race is a fundraiser for Vermont Adaptive, and they could not be a better partner. In 2022, all of you helped us raise over $200,000 for them, which is staggering. Thank you!

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  • Buckles: If you did not get your 2022 finisher buckle in person, you should have it by mail now. Email the RD if you did not receive yours.
  • Race Merchandise: Our online store is closed for the year. Check back later.


The 2023 Vermont 100 is scheduled for:

  • July 14-16, 2023
  • Registration details coming in November.
  • Registration opens in December.


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