The 4 Best VT100 Spectator Spots

Want to cheer on the runners, but didn’t get asked to crew one? We’ll you’re in luck. Here are the best VT100 spectator spots. 

But First – The Rules

Please note:

  • Spectators Only! We mean it, these suggestions are only for spectators only – NOT crews or pacers, or aid of any kind.
  • Seriously! If any registered crew vehicles are found using these spaces, Race Officials will assume that you are offering illegal aid to your runner and we will disqualify them.

Now where were we? Oh ya – The spots!

Sorry, we have to get the rules out of the way first in order to keep this special weekend as smooth as ever. Now back to the good stuff, spectators.

Here is your list of amazing spots to watch the VT100 race. And as with every spot we enjoy, please be considerate and friendly to the employees and customers of the local businesses you’ll be near. Better yet; buy something!

Spectator Spot #1: Taftsville Country Store, Taftsville

In Taftsville, on Route 4, where our course crosses the Taftsville Bridge, there is a little space for parking on the lower road between Route 4 and the bridge. Runners will be passing through this area around 5:30am-8:30am.

Spectator Spot #2: Cloudland Farms, Pomfret

Heading out of Woodstock on Rte 12, take a right onto Old River Road, follow to the end of the pavement and take a left on Cloudland Road. Go about 3.5 miles to Cloudland Farm on the right. Turn right at the sign and park in the riding arena directly ahead. You can set up lawn chairs on the grass right by the sign to look over the road where the runners will be. Runners will be passing through this area around 6:30am-10:30am.

Spectator Spot #3: True Value Hardware, Woodstock

In Woodstock, on Route 4 across from Cabot Rd, just before the Lincoln covered bridge. There is parking at the town garage and at the True Value Hardware store. Runners will be passing through this area around 9:00am-3:45pm.

Spectator Spot #4: Route 106  between Long Hill and Noah Wood Roads

In Woodstock, on Route 106, just past Long Hill Rd and before Noah Wood Rd, there is a pull off that is only suitable parking for a few cars at a time. Runners will be passing through this area around 9:30am-6:00pm.

One More Time With Feeling!

Again, please remember:

  • No crewing is allowed at these spectator locations.
  • Do not park on lawns or in driveways.
  • Follow all posted speed limits.
  • Absolutely do not litter.
  • Be considerate and friendly.

The future of the VT100 depends on the towns and properties we pass through. So be good and have fun out there! 

-VT100 Race Committee

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