Giving Tuesday at Vermont Adaptive (2022)

Friends of Vermont 100 and Vermont Adaptive –

For over 30 years, our race has been one of the largest annual fundraisers for Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports, an organization that offers folks of all ages and abilities the opportunity to participate in inclusive outdoor activities regardless of their ability to pay.

As the world’s first trail and ultra race to support and recognize visually and mobility impaired athletes with their own division, we believe in what Vermont Adaptive does for its participants every day and we encourage your continued support.


This Giving Tuesday – 11/29/22

EVERY DOLLAR donated will be matched (up to $50,000)!

What does this mean for you?

  • For those who qualify for a 2023 lottery bypass and want to fundraise, your fundraising can start now! Email to have your fundraising page created and start earning our sweet fundraising swag (see: Perks).
  • For those who want to gain entry to the 2023 VT100, we are holding our annual raffle to win either one (1) lottery bypass or one (1) free entry. How it works: Donate to Vermont Adaptive on Giving Tuesday. For every $20 you donate, or that is donated in your honor, you get one (1) ticket to bypass the lottery/waitlist. If you win, you gain entry into the 2023 VT100 but still pay the registration fee. For every $100 you donate, or that is donated in your honor, you will get one (1) ticket towards free entry to into the 2023 VT100. If you win, you will skip the lottery/waitlist and will not have to pay the registration fee. For someone to donate in your honor, they simply need to make a donation, then list your name in the ‘personal message’ area.
  • For those who simply want to help increase our impact on the programming and financial support Vermont Adaptive can offer to participants, you can make your donation here and know that on Giving Tuesday it goes twice as far!
  • Team Run 2 Empower – As always, there is an opportunity for runners to gain entry to the 2023 VT100 by committing to fundraising at least $1,500 for Vermont Adaptive through our Team Run 2 Empower program. More information on the Team is posted here. Giving Tuesday is an excellent day to kickstart your mission.

More about Vermont Adaptive

Learn more about Vermont Adaptive and our partnership by visiting our fundraising page or the Vermont Adaptive Website.

More about 2023 Registration

Everything you need to know about the 2023 VT100 registration process is updated on our website here. It includes the 100-mile and 100-km cost to register; signup dates/timeline (also expressed below); the early and general registration process; info on who qualifies for a lottery bypass; when the lottery will be; the 100-mile qualifier standards; the 100-mile and 100-kilometer service requirement; and more.

If you are a runner who registered in 2020 and didn’t sign up for the 2022 race, this summer is your last chance to use your spot. We have a list of who we believe qualifies. Let us know if you think you qualify, hoped to run this summer, and don’t see you name there. Note: Race qualifiers and service requirements must still be followed.


  • Dec. 15/2022
    Runners who qualify for an early entry (including 2020 runners who rolled into this year’s race) will receive an email with registration details by this date. If you believe you qualify and don’t receive an email, reach out to the RD.
  • Dec. 20-30, 2022
    Registration open for runners who qualify for an early entry.
  • Jan. 2-12, 2023
    Lottery registration opens for anyone who does not qualify for an early registration.
  • Jan. 14, 2023 (time TBD)
    We will host a live lottery!  Details will be posted and shared once worked out.

Got questions?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, reach out. We might not know all the answers, but we’ll get you the info we’ve got and work towards answers. All we ask for is your patience. There are things we just won’t know for a while.

Featured Image Description: Ben Simanski (left) and his guide Brian Rusiecki (right) run down a gravel road at the 2022 Vermont 100, with the “Giving Tuesday” logo to their left. Simanski is a visually impaired athlete who won the 2022 VT100 100-mile Male Category and Overall Athletes with Disabilities (AWD) Division Category in 23:28:29.

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