July 6, 2022 – VT100 Race Updates

Emailed to Participants: July 6, 2022

Runners – 10 days from now, each of you will be starting your epic journey through Vermont. With the race so close, there’s a lot of last-minute info and reminders to share … so please read this through, pass info along to your crew and pacers, and reach out with questions.

1. Runner Handbook & Aid Stations

The Runner Handbook and Aid Station charts (100k, 100 mile) have been updated for this year’s event. Please download a copy of the handbook to your phone, and share with your crew and pacers. This covers the Runner Rules, Pacer Rules, and Crew Rules, Driving Directions, and the Race Schedule. Please read this!!! Even if you have completed the race in the past – some things are new this year.

2. Driving to Silver Hill

Click here for Driving Directions to Silver Hill. There are certain roads near our race site that are closed to race traffic. They have ‘Local Traffic Only’ signs on them. However, we ask that everyone follow the directions to Silver Hill provided in the link above. Our future race permits depends on everyone complying!

  • Driving to Aid Stations – Directions to the aid stations are in the Runner Handbook. Follow these directions. Most GPSs don’t know the difference between Class 4 roads (often impassible by vehicles) and passable roads!

3. Pre-Race Meeting

Since we won’t have an in-person pre-race meeting, Race Director Amy Rusiecki is doing a live video chat on Sunday July 10th at 5pm EST (link to be shared soon).  She’ll go over race details (such as ‘how to run with horses’), followed by a Q&A session. For those who can’t attend, we will make the video available afterwards (likely to be emailed to you).

4. Start List and Solo vs. Crewed

Here are the links to the start lists for the 100k and 100 mile. Bib #s will be assigned this weekend. If you have unresolved qualifiers or volunteer info, let’s get that resolved ASAP!  Also, we know that some of you want to change your status from solo/crewed status – to do so, send an email to the race registrar Astrid (vt100registrar@gmail.com). Reminder that solo runners have no pacer and no crew.

5. Camping

Some folks have asked about camping or how to reserve a spot. Here’s the deal – we allow folks to set up tents in the designated camping field. There are no designated spots, you simply find a few blades of grass and set up. No need to let us know either way whether you’re camping or not – we don’t track it.

  • No RVs! Reminder that while you can sleep in your car, you’re not allowed to have anything larger than a standard vehicle. We don’t have the room to park these, and the parking lots get pretty mucky by Sunday so RVs or heavy vehicles may get stuck.

6. Merchandise

The 2022 race merchandise is available online now! We’ll have this at Silver Hill also, but you’re welcome to pre-order and we’ll have your gear ready for pick-up on Friday (July 15th) during registration.

7. Pacer Registration

Due to the COVID vaccination requirement, we’re trying something new this year with pacer registration. Early next week, we’ll share a link for pacers to sign up and complete all their paperwork online. There will be an option for them to complete this registration in-person if necessary also.

8. COVID Waiver

All of you have been emailed a link from RunReg to acknowledge/certify compliance with the VT100’s COVID vaccination requirement. A reminder email was sent earlier today from RunReg to those who have not yet completed this waiver. Unfortunately, we can not allow runners who have not completed this form to attend the event.

9. Course Changes

For those who haven’t run the course before, this might not make sense … but for those returning runners, here’s a few of the minor course changes this year.

  • Lincoln Covered Bridge – The bridge is open again, so no river crossing. The aid station will be back to its original location, just after the bridge. (Anyone who wants to follow the horse route and go through the water is welcome to do so…).
  • Lillian’s – In 2019, we added in a minor trail extension that had 100 milers approaching Lillian’s from a different direction – we are not doing that this year. We’ve added a bit of trail to the route just before the aid station, but the station will be in the 2018 location at the Rt. 106 pull-off again.
  • Keating’s – The aid station has moved to about 1 mile further down the trail.
    Polly’s – the aid station has moved again. This year, it will be about ¼ mile before the 2018 and prior Polly’s location – at the home of the VT100 founder, Laura Farrell!

10. Course Intel

For those who haven’t run the VT100 before … the biggest thing to know is about the Camp 10 Bear loop.

  • You enter that aid station twice, and each time you take a right when leaving the aid station to continue on. If you don’t know, ask a volunteer which direction you should be going … as every year we have one runner who either skips the Camp 10 Bear loop entirely, or runs it twice … so pay attention and rely on volunteers to help.
  • Also, know that the 1/3 mile when you leave Camp 10 Bear #1 is also the last 1/3 mile before you return to Camp 10 Bear #2.  This means many runners may see participants running in the opposite direction in this short stretch.  Don’t freak out – cheer them on!

11. We Are Pumped

Speaking for the race committee, we are so excited to welcome each of you to this year’s Vermont 100 … and to support you on your journey. And it’s nearly here!!! As always, reach out with questions. We look forward to seeing you at Silver Hill on Friday July 15th!

-Amy & the VT100 Race Committee

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