Race Day Game Plan – Last Minute Preparations

Written by Jack Pilla, Run Formula Coach

Pre-Race Preparation, the night before:

  • Get your drop bags in order and placed in the designated areas.
  • Coordinate with your pacer if you have one.
  • Go over any specifics with your crew.
  • Eat – Pasta is always a good choice or some other favorite non-spicy dish but don’t pig out. (Thursday night would be better for the big meal). White pasta is more easily digestible than wheat.
  • Have all your race gear ready to go before bed.
  • Get to sleep. (You might bring earplugs too if you are camping).

Morning of the Race:

  • Most races start in the pre-dawn hours so have a small snack an hour before such as a bagel or banana but whatever you do don’t try something new at this hour.
  • Drink 10 – 12 ounces of fluid before your race.  Stay hydrated but don’t overdo it.
  • Hit the port-o-let early enough so you don’t miss the start.  (Bring your own tp as sometimes the portolets run out).
  • Don’t forget to check in before the start.

Ultra List of Goodies to have on hand

(Just a quick reminder from last week’s blog)

  • Electrolyte Replacement
  • Fuel Belt, Camel Back or other hydration gizmo
  • Body glide or similar
  • Headlamp with new batteries
  • Good socks and extra socks
  • Good trail running shoes and spares
  • Band aids/first aid kit/blister repair
  • Duct Tape
  • Extra clothing and night clothing for colder temps
  • Hat


(As reproduced from the Wasatch Front 100 and modified for the VT100)

  • (10) Wear new shoes.
  • 9) Wear old socks.
  • 8) Waste energy getting mad at little things.
  • 7) Try for that terrific 30 hour “SUNTAN”. Would you stick your head in a microwave?
  • 6) Forget to plan for difficult weather: wind, rain, cold, heat.
  • 5) VT has no big hills, so no need to do hill training, right?
  • 4) Forget to consume calories
  • 3) Think you are staying hydrated by drinking at aid stations only.
  • 2) Rely totally on ribbons to guide your way. Does the word “lost” have meaning to you?


  • 1) Not making friends with Mr. SALT and Mz. ELECTROLYTE.


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