2019 Vermont 100 Race Registration Process

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The 2019 edition of the VT100 Endurance Race is fast on it’s way. Here’s an update on registration for the upcoming event.

Early Registration returns this year:

As has become tradition at the VT100, we’ll once again offer early registration from January 7, 2019 to January 12, 2019 to a limited number of runners who fall within the following categories:

  • Long timers (4+ Vermont 100 mile finishes in the past 8 years), for 100 mile only
  • Overall podium (top 3 male/female) for the last 2 years, for the distance of podium
  • Athletes qualifying for (and competing in) the Athletes with Disabilities Divisions
  • Aid station captains or their designee (i.e. each aid station can designate 1 runner for early entry), may choose either distance
  • “Local Supporters” (race committee members, landowners who let us use their land for the race, etc.), may choose either distance

We will send out emails by January 5th for everyone who qualifies.  If you are an AWD, or believe you qualify as a local supporter, email the RD prior to January 1st to inquire about being added to the list.

General Registration to go to Lottery System:
Each year, the number of applications received for the VT100 mile & 100k races have grown exponentially. For the 2018 event, the 100 mile race sold out in 17 minutes, the 100k in 12 minutes. Compare that with our 2011 event, which took many months to fill…each year, we’ve subsequently sold out in shorter & shorter time spans. The VT100 race committee has chosen the lottery to select those who will participate as a registered runner. We chose the lottery in an effort to provide the fairest means possible of choosing the starting field for our event. We care about each & every one of you, and if we had our way, we’d just allow everyone to run!  The incredible growth of our sport has some predicted growing pains. So, in an effort of fairness, we’re giving the lottery a chance. (We are committed to evaluating the lottery after this year’s registration to determine if it’s the best fit, or if it needs additional tweeks, moving forward.)

Further 2019 Lottery Details:

The lottery and resulting registration will be hosted through RunReg. Those participating in the lottery will be randomly selected, in accordance with the registration limits for the two distances. There is no fee to enter the lottery.

Runners will be allowed to either register individually or in groups of two.  For the groups of two, either both runners will get in or not, but they’ll be paired together throughout the process.  If not selected for the race and placed on the waitlist, we’ll pull the names together and order the two names based on who of the two registered first.

2019 Lottery / Registration Process:
The lottery registration / application period for the 2019 event will open on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 8:00 AM EST and will close on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST.  

The lottery drawing will be held on January 20, 2019, with accepted registrations processed and the start list published in real time (location and time of public lottery TBD). Accepted applicants selected during the lottery will have their credit card automatically charged and will be officially entered into the event as a registered runner at that time.  

We will continue to pull every applicant during the lottery process, with applicants beyond the race limits being added to the waitlist in the order they were drawn. As with past years, runners will be taken off the waitlist as spots are available in the coming months, and their credit card will be automatically charged.  If you are on the waitlist and are no longer interested in running the race, email the RD to be removed from the waitlist.

2019 Team Run 2 Empower:

As always, Vermont 100 also welcomes runners who commit to fundraising for Vermont Adaptive, and have set aside several spots in the event for these runners.  Registration for the Team is currently open, email the RD if you are interested in learning more and potentially joining the Team.

Reminder: Please See our Race Registrations Page

All runners must meet the volunteer requirements, described here.

All 100 mile runners must meet the qualifier requirements, described here.

Race’s refund policy is listed here.

Good luck & we look forward to seeing you at the 2019 VT100 Endurance Race.

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