Giving Tuesday and the VT 100 Raffle Winners


A Note From Our Race Director, Amy

I want to say THANK YOU for your donations on #GivingTuesday.  I wish I could send out personal emails to each of you…but there are just too many of you, so please excuse the impersonal, group note.

I am completely overwhelmed with what the VT100 did for Vermont Adaptive .  In total, between your donations plus the donations for our current Team Run 2 Empower folks, over $20,000 was raised for Vermont Adaptive (which will be doubled by their matching donor!).  That is amazing, and will have a remarkable impact on so many lives.

From The Executive Director of Vermont Adaptive , Erin Fernandez:

“We are humbled at the above and beyond VT100 runners do in order to raise more money and awareness for our athletes. You guys are heroes and don’t ever forget that. Your trudge through 100 miles has an impact way beyond each step you take. Your gifts and hard work will never be erased. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.”
So, on behalf of Vermont Adaptive, THANK YOU for what each of you contributed yesterday!

VT100 Raffle Results

As promised, we raffled off a free entry into the race, and an early entry (essentially a lottery bypass), and the winners are…(drum roll please)…

Curt Pandiscio won a free entry into the 2019 Vermont 100!

John Pierz won an early entry (lottery bypassed entry) into the 2019 Vermont 100!

Congrats to both of you!

I hope that many of you return to this year’s race.
We’re having the race lottery in January, however there will be a few more opportunities for folks to win spots in this year’s race (if not lucky in the lottery)…so stay tuned!

Happy trails!


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